Sunday, May 27, 2012

Service / May 21-27

Good evening everyone,  It isn't always easy to think of what to say, but I know that if I don't communicate with each of you that the conversation will end.  We are so appreciative to each of you for your thoughts and comments.  It is such a delight to wake up in the morning and know that you are doing well and moving forward.  I have a very dear friend here in George who is going through a rough time.  She is always doing for others and feels like her lot in life is to just push on and doesn't think God is there or cares about her.  I have been blessed all my life and I am so grateful for my life but it makes it difficult to really relate and have the empathy that she needs.

Now that is a great way to start a blog, right?  Well, let me continue, I was listening to the news on my way to Curves, and it is so very obvious to me that what happens in the USA is noticed around the world even here in South Africa.  The crazy things people do in the USA like getting married in a cemetery.  The gay issue isn't helping us in the eyes of the world either.  All they see here is what is in the news, which is mostly the degenerate part of society and not the GOOD, WONDERFUL, PEOPLE that make up most of our beautiful country.  No wonder the USA isn't regarded highly like it used to be.

Now lets make a 180 and look at the SA we have come to know and love.

In Mossel Bay on Wednesday

This guy looks like he is surfing out instead of in.  This was the 1st day we saw surfers.  Of couse, we don't spend time at the beach, but we had lunch on this beautiful point.

We have spent most of our evenings this week doing Family Home Evenings with the members.  FHE is a weekly activity that we like to encourage the members of the church or anybody for that matter, to take time out from their busy schedule and spend quality time together.    Our format is a Song, Prayer, Short gospel lesson, Then the fun begins with a game of some sort, we are playing Don't Eat Nephi with everyone, and then prayer and refreshments.  Here are a couple of pictures of FHE's we have done this week.

These young men are all going to college and live in a little house together.  Our lesson was about 
filling your empty bucket, and the list we came up with and  our game Don't Eat Nephi.  Elder Richins is trying to say something but I couldn't understand what it was.

We are playing Don't Eat Nephi.  Families come in all varieties, friends living together, a family of all girls, mom, daughter, nieces and nephews, mom and son, just a single sister, husband and wife, husband and wife with children, if you live under the same roof, it is good to spend some "family time together".

We presented Muva and Ruva with the gospel art book.  The one in the middle is Blessia, she hasn't quite warmed up to us.  Brother Ruva is an artist and works with wire are a couple of his creations.

Today we had our Visiting Teaching Convention.  It was all about the Heart.  I hope that they will get the vision to have a desire to visit each other each month.  It is new to a lot of them.

I loved this picture, 2 little boys going home from soccer practice with their heavy packs, no shoes.  It doesn't matter the age  I've seen adults, teenagers and children go bare foot, in the store, walking on the street, playing rugby, riding a bike.  I think a lot of them prefer NO SHOES.

Our first really bad experience.  Our dryer was leaving black spots on our clothes so we saw this repair shop.  Lynn goes in and tells the owner our problem, he sounds knowledgeable and so we decide to do business.  He comes out to the flat and with two other guys just picks up the dryer and takes it away.  Two days later he says it is fixed and so Lynn goes in to pay for it.  He doesn't take any credit cards, only cash.  Lynn pays the cash 560 Rand and they say they will deliver it in the afternoon.  To make a long story short we have been promised for 3 days that it would be delivered.  Tomorrow at 09:00  Elder Richins, Elder Featherstone, Elder Seward, Elder Speed, and Elder Dladla are going to be on the their front stoop, to pick it up.  Wish us luck!

We had the Elder's and 2 wonderful young men over for dinner today.  I am usually the only female in the group and today the Elder's kicked me out of the kitchen and did the dishes.  It felt good but weird.

I'm being photo challenged today.   Elder Sheward and Elder Dladla doing my dishes.
Our dinner guests with Elder Richins
Lennon, Elder Richins and Marshall

Lennon has been working really hard to earn enough money to go back to Zimbabwe.  It is very difficult to get a job here , when you don't have a work permit.  He has earned the 800 Rand for bus fare, so Elder Richins will be taking him to the bus tomorrow for the 15 hour ride home.  He is going home to get ready to serve a mission.  Marshall is working to do the same here.  Lynn his helping him start the mission process this week.

I hope you got something out of my ramblings.  We love what we are doing.  It is the best retirement program ever.
Have a great week.
Elder and Sister Richins


  1. Great post Miriam! It feels like we're right there with you. Have a wonderful week!

  2. The pictures are so beautiful! It looks so different there than I would have thought. Thank you for your good work!