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May 14-May 20/ Love from South Africa

Hi everyone,  I like to start off with a couple of our favorite pictures of the week.
The Indian Ocean has such a different wave action that the California coast line.  I am always in awe.

This little calf was just eating away in the front of a home in the township.

 Monday we spent the afternoon with the Elders.  I forgot my camera so I haven't any pictures of us playing pool and bowling.  Now the bowling was different, I think it is a new sport in this area.  We didn't have to rent any shoes, but we did have to take our shoes off and either bowl in stocking feet or be barefoot, Elder Richins and I chose stocking feet.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to Port Elizabeth for a seniors couple dinner and enjoy the Young Ambassadors from Brigham Young University.  A little tidbit about the people in SA. The show ticket said the show would start at 7:00 p.m so we were there about 6:15 to get good seats.  When we talked to the guy that handled the arrangements he said that the show really started at 7:30.  The Africans are always late so if if the ticket said 7:00 they wouldn't be in their seats until 7:30.  That is really true, I've seen it many times. No one shows up until at least 1/2 to 1 hour after the event, program ect has to start.  Of course, it just promotes tardiness. Thank heavens it doesn't apply with church.  Even if some are late the services start on time.
While we were waiting for the show to begin we met some new friends the Carr's and Annatjie.  They were delightful to visit with.  The two ladies love to dance for exercise, Dave Carr loves to fish for competition and then he shares his catch with friends and neighbors.  He is number nine in the competition that he is in.  It is a big deal.  We are sending them this blog so they can see their picture.  So a personal note to the Carr's thank you for letting us take your picture and for the delightful conversation before the show.  When the show ended we were all exhausted just watching their dancing, flips and turns and their incredible voices.
Bunty  and Annatjie

Dave and Bunty Carr and Annatjie, they found out about the Young Ambassador program from the newspaper.

The Young Ambassador band

The Young Ambassador's singing "I Am A Child of God"

After the program we stayed with the Taylor's, they are from Wyoming and we stayed up and talked until 1:00 a.m..  Now, if you know Elder Richins this was way out of the ordinary.  The Taylor's are becoming great friends.  They also came to George on church business on Saturday and Sunday so we got to enjoy their company over dinner at The Rose.

Wednesday, Elder Richins played soccer with the kids while I gave an English lesson.  The kids play with a rag ball, and they are very good. They also sang Follow, Follow, Follow for me again.  They are great singers.

Here are a couple of pictures that Elder Richin's sees on his walks in the morning.

I loved this picture, this is a bougainvillea intertwined with a regular tree.

You can see the truck and bougainvillea intertwining in this photo.

It is starting to get cold here in SA.  We thought this  air conditioner might work as a heater, that is what the manual said. Elder Richins tried it with not much success.  This particular machine requires an exhaust so he put the hose in the garage. To keep the door closed, we searched for a bungee cord.  They aren't easily found so the string, as you see had to be used as a substitute. My ingenious husband.
Sunday was a special day.  We had our first baptism and since the font at the ward wasn't ready we had the opportunity to have the baptism in Wilderness.  It is a beautiful place, as you will see.  Prior to the event Lynn and I gave talks.  Lynn talked in sacrament meeting and I talked at the baptism.  TM you would be proud, we are using all the skills you taught us here in South Africa. I didn't even use notes!  Lynn timed me so I would stay within the time frame I was given.  Lucille is so very happy.  It was a cold day, but when she came out of the water she just stopped, smiled and just relished the moment.  Enjoy the photos

Elder Sheward and Elder Dladla getting their camera's ready for a timed shot.

The members of the branch who came to witness the baptism.

Elder Featherstone and Lucille Morris

Walking into the cold river.  Elder Featherstone said that after the  initial shock of the cold it wasn't bad, of course he was so excited for this opportunity nothing would have stopped him, even if they had to break through ice.

A most memorable moment, entering the gate.

We are experiencing so much.  We will always remember this time.  We hope you are enjoying it even a little.  I love the hugs I get everyday, I love the smiles I share with the people I meet in the stores and where ever we go.
Love, The Richins

PS Dave Culton I wish I could come up with catchy titles, like you shared in TM with all your talks. 

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