Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all who have had an influence in a child's life.

This is what the ward is giving to the mothers in our branch tomorrow. Lynn was the man behind this thoughtful

 The children here in South Africa are happy, beautiful, and enjoy everything.  Lynn is the piped piper on the street where I do my English lesson. When I come out from teaching Sister Mawindi, he and the kids will sing to Sister Mawindi and I, then Lynn and I will do the round Horsy, Horsy.  The kids then follow by singing what we sang, and they are pretty good singers.  Yes, the suckers are a draw but they really do enjoy Lynn.  He has played kick the can, red rover red rover with them.  He has even started to teach them "I AM A CHILD OF GOD"
Horsy Horsy on your way.

This was our Monday to clean the flat.  Lynn is such a "RED".  He cleaned the car inside and out, he vacuumed the couches, then sweeped the house, then on to the garage, and back yard.  He isn't a happy unless he is busy doing.  That is a good thing.  We very seldom have to worry about what we are going to do because Lynn has called and made appointments with members, or we go out with the missionary's.  This week we were able to present 2 family home evenings.  We have bought a case of the Gospel Art Books and we teach them how to use them and then present each family with one at the end of our visit.
I didn't take any pictures of our visits this week but hope to get their pictures at church.  Most of the people live in very humble homes.  It reminds me of the pioneer days when most everyone lived in a 1 room home.  They make it work.

Tuesday, We started the day feeding the Elder's breakfast.  It was Elder Featherstone's 21st birthday and he requested, Creme' Burlee French Toast and Vanilla syrup.
Can you guess who Elder Featherstone is?

The rest of the day was pretty slow  so I prepared for institute, where I teach the Old Testament to Young Single Adults (18-29 year olds)  This week we studied Judges 1-12, Oh, how soon the Israelites forgot what the Lord had done for them. I wonder if we don't sometimes forget also the many blessings the Lord gives to us. We often forget to stop and just look around at all the many blessings we have.  When we rely on the Lord our lives go so much better.  With the Isarelites  the Lord just had to sit back and wait for them to call on him again then he comes to the rescue, but often he lets them really suffer some so that when he does come they will KNOW that it is the Lord who came to the rescue.  Of course it is through whomever he has chosen, like in Judges, for example, he chose Gideon and Deborah who were very unlikely people to lead a people out of bondage.

In the late afternoon we picked up the Stumm's who have just started their mission.  They are from Spokane, Washington.  We took them out to dinner and when we were being seated, Elder Stumm's went over to a man sitting by himself.  They new each other very well.  They worked in their home stake together on the high council. He has taken a job here in SA as a CEO over the pine tree forests in SA.  If you look in the back ground of this picture you will see one of the forests.  He has been here since October.  They had no idea if they would ever meet, and they met in the back of a little restaurant in George.
Notice the logging pine forest in the picture.  You will see these farms all along the Garden Route along the southern part of South Africa, George is in the background of this photo, Thembuletu is in the upper left area.  This is the town ship.

The Stumm's from Spokane, Washington.  He will be branch president in Port Alfred
We took them up in the mountains over looking George.
Wednesday May 9
Elder Speed received a new companion today.  He will be a trainer of a new "greenie" missionary.  Elder DlaDla is from Johannesburg.  He has been a member for 2 years.  He is a very knowledgeable Elder.  We are looking forward to get to know him.

One of my favorite pictures of the week.  This is from our front yard.  Notice the lone  deciduous tree in beautiful autumn  red.
 Thursday - We did a FHE (Family Home Evening and Visiting Teach)
My lone picture for the day.  On my walk.  Isn't this a stunning morning sky?

Friday and Saturday here are a potpourri of sights we saw and also some details about our flat.

District meeting every Friday.  We love these meetings.  Elder Featherstone is the district leader
and prepares them every week.  

I have tried for weeks to get some pictures that give the full scope of people walking.
They walk to work, they walk home from work.  These people walk everywhere.

pictures just don't give the full scope of what we see each day.

HUM! I think the grass is greener on the other side.

Junior and Elder Richins making the mother's day gifts.  This is the meeting hall we meet in
at the police station every Friday for institute.

Our water heater

Grandchildren, have you ever seen anything like this before hanging your clothes on a clothesline? We are
using the sun to bleach Elder Richins shirts.  

I found this little guy on the bedroom floor this morning.  He is no bigger than a small paperclip.

Our front door.  Notice the cracks in the door, middle right panel and lover left panel.  With no central heat, whatever the temperature is outside is what it is inside, now I know why.

The crack in the panel and if you look real close you can see the suns reflection on the tile.

The pineapple's here are the best, sweet, cheap and delicious. If you look at the pen you can see their size. Right now I am getting 3 for 20 Rand or .87 cents each. 

My avocado from the tree out front and the 5 I bought at the store today @ .50 cents each or
5 for 20 Rand.

We love you all,  Your correspondence is much appreciated as always.  Have a wonderful Sabbath.

Love, Elder and Sister Richins

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  1. Beautiful pictures~ Love seeing the sights you see and reading y our insights;) Thank you for your service there! We continue to pray for your well being and for the Spirit to guide you in the work. Much love!