Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Caves, Camels, & People of George

June 18 - 23
Here we are in the Congo Caves.  I have been in beautiful caves before but the massiveness is so apparent here.

Monday is our day to explore and that we did.  Deep in the Congo caves.  They were discovered in the 1700's.  You can enjoy the grandeur of the large rooms and the small opening called the mailbox, we didn't try that one.  A lady a few years ago got stuck in the mailbox and it took 11 hours to get her out and the whole group were behind her.  What an experience. In this next room we had the opportunity to sing The Spirit of God, and if I do say so myself we sounded pretty good and the harmony was amazing deep down in the cave.
This is the room we sang a spiritual song and then the Elder's pretended they were rock stars on the stage.  In this room they used to have hundred's of people come and enjoy concerts. 
On the way home we passed what we thought was a billboard of a camel.  Come to find out it was a real camel, which is not native to this area.  We had to stop and take pictures.
This guy loved to pose

The Elders decided they wanted to feed the ostriches.  Elder Richins was a little apprehensive.  The only problem was when we got in the car he and Elder Featherstone decided that they were feeding the stinking nettle because they both were experiencing pain on their hands. On well!

Family Home Evening with the Mtyobile Family, Elder and Sister Richins, Nendwe, Vuyokazi, Kwe-Kwe, Douglas, Faith and the youngest
I loved this picture.  This mother was so willing to let me take her picture with her 4 month old baby girl.

While we were in visiting with Eunice Alexander next door the kids where dancing.  Elder Featherstone and Elder Sheward went over and taught them a few moves.  The kids just cling to any attention given to them and "OH" do they love their picture taken.

Eunice with the Liahona.  As she was reading  it on her way home from work , several of the people in the transport where looking over her shoulder and wanted to borrow it.  She hung onto it knowing if she gave it up she would never see it again.  We told her we would get her a couple of more copies to share.
FHE with the Adendorff Family.  Sister Andendorff is a long distance horse racer.  She uses Arabian horses.
Outgoing George district, They have stripped the avocado tree on our side of the fence.  Dladla, Sheward, Speed, Featherstone
Incoming District - Elder Sheward, Elder Pearson, Sister Richins, Elder Richins, Elder Speed, and Elder Dladla - as you can tell Elder Pearson is the only new one, and he is our District leader.

The funny faces will continue.  Elder Pearson is from Enoch, which is close to Cedar City, Utah
Friday was institute, which is with the 18-29 young adults in the church.  We just finished the 1st half of the Old Testament so it was time for a party.  We played Hawaiian charades. Then we watched The Grace Card, which is a great movie and then had pizza and soda.  All had a terrific time.
A happy group of young people, plus the missionaries.
 We invited the Danjean's to a "simple dinner" of potatoe soup, Lynne Wysinger's famous rolls and peach cobbler.  We visited for a couple of hours.They are such wonderful friends.  They brought King protea   flowers, which is the South African flower.  It opens up just a little each day and we are so enjoying them.

We decided to try out the local fine arts and so tonight we are going to enjoy 42nd Street.  It is a very small theater so the chorus line should be intimate.  We are looking forward to it.

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