Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spring Fling - September 17-23, 2012

To all our family and friends:  As you are going into fall and winter, we are experiencing spring and summer.  Some day's we enjoy warmth but like this weekend we are back to cool weather.  I even put on an  extra quilt, but as you know that isn't unusual for spring.

Lemon Merguine cake for our Spring Fling

Saturday night the George branch had their 1st dance EVER!  We didn't have a huge turnout but those who came had a wonderful time.  It took a little while to put the right missionary in charge of the music.

Each elder took his turn at the play list.  Elder Mwkandie got it right, but of course he is from here!

You had 2 American elders, 1 Canadian elder  and 1 elder from Africa.  The African Elder knew what they liked to dance to and when he started to play their music everyone was up and dancing.  Even the husband's who said they couldn't dance.
They were really into the dance.
 On Saturday we also went to Knysna to our first funeral.  It was a member of the branch presidency who had cancer.  It was a regular funeral that we are used to except 1) the casket was very small, narrow and I couldn't see how they got a full grown man in it.  2) they had the gospel talk first, which was an amazing talk on where we came from, why we are hear, and where we are going.  3) the eulogy was last.

Pictures on the way home from Knysna

Don't have a clue as to what the guy is in, but it almost looks like a space ship.
Our zone leaders with George and Knysna elders, work hard and play hard!

Our 45th anniversary gift, a new very hard mattress! Elder Richins believes that it is the answer to his bad back!
This is a small version of the really large avocados they have in Zimbabwe  according to Elder Mkwezelamba
Have a great week.  Keep the faith.
Love, the Richins

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